Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let me go back to my Childhood

Street Art in Tel Aviv Lego StencilMoving out to a new place at the age of 25 far away from everything you know, sometimes makes your mind and memories play in a different way, bringing new sensations every time something new recalls something from the past.

Street Art in Tel Aviv Lego Stencil 2
I guess that's the reason I like so much this Lego figure Graffitis which I've found all over the city of Tel Aviv. The first time I saw one of this I remember that the first thing that came to my mind was the exact place, where as a kid I used to keep all my Lego as one of my most precious games.
Street Art in Tel Aviv Lego Stencil 3
I guess that now living in Israel, far away from all those spaceships, citys and Castles created with my blocks of Lego, one good thing that brings me back to all those magic afternoons are this Lego Graffitis all over Tel Aviv. Enjoy them, and if you can try for a second to go back to those days of Magic.


  1. man lego fue lo mejor

  2. Awesome stencils and great description!