Friday, July 31, 2009

War is what makes you a fighter

Poster What we really are
Lately I've been thinking
about the things that make us
what we are.
the inside...
deep down there
where there is only silence
or war
or pain
or happiness.

Like the old times, but not the good ones

Street Art Poster - Old Times
I know
It's being a while since my last time in here
It's just
that things were not right around me
like and old song
that brings some memories
that you would better forget.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How are you plannng to get there?

Street Art Poster
It's up to you
over what you build your story
It's up to you
the price you'll pay to be up there.
In the meanwhile
breath deeply
And think
how the whole picture
should look.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Would give it all...

If I could
I would give you all my luck
for you to keep,
always forever
If I could
I would do it.
But I can't
that's why I will always be there
by your side.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kids playing to be adults

War Children Poster
It's hard
to think about it.
The fact that we
are silent like the roses
when this world is breaking apart.
I am responsible
as well as you.
And that makes me feel bad.
very bad.
Kids are meant to be kids
and we adults
must assume that responsibility.

The untold has it's own voice

BettyBoop Sticker
Where is the limit
Between innocence and maturity?
between what is told,
and what is kept in secret.
Like a word in the tip of my tongue
right before jumping
but no.
Desire maybe.
Only desire

Saturday, July 11, 2009

When it rains, it rains in boths sides

Middle East Conflict Poster
One of them is you
One of them is me
face to face
living in the same place.
How I wish I could say also
in peace.
But somehow
things aren't right.
But still I have hope
for your future children
and for mine.

The broken smile

Smile Graffiti
I've been thinking about you.
About the time
when distance wasn't there
And it makes me smile.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Modern Moses at full volume

Poster of the Modern Mosses
Put it out loud
These are the ten new commandments
(I advise to read them while listening to your favorite song)
  1. Never is too late
  2. Time is short
  3. Smile more
  4. Eat more Ice cream (diets are for the people that give up easily)
  5. Walk foot naked as much as possible
  6. Call your mom & dad more often
  7. Say more "I love you"
  8. Try to bring more light to this world

PS: There are some empty lines waiting for you.

Maybe they just wanted to runnaway

Wedding Dresses
How many times
I've kept silent
Did things
I didn't want to
instead of running away.

How many times
Should I have left earlier
smile less,
or scream out loud.

Never is too late,
but some times the cost is too high.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The only real truth

Street Art - Clown Poster
With time
everything changes.
Even the things that we thought
that will stay there no matter what.
Before I used to think that "respect"
was something that we had to earn from others
as an award.
Now I understand that respect is a present
that you must give to yourself
by being truth to yourself.

Bar Wisdom

Street Art Stickers
Memories from a good friend
remind me one thing he used to say
about love.
1+1 is not 2 is 3.
Each individual, and the new part
the couple.

The world in your hands

Street Art Painted Wall
When I saw this
in one second I wen back,
almost 15 years now
thinking about me
and the world in front of me.
How I felt that everything would be easier
and different.
No regrets inside.
Neither pain,
just a strange feeling
and now
the sun burning my face.
A new wake up call
from the new morning beneath my steps.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Are you doing what you are supposed to?

Know Hope Graffiti
So many people out there
without hope
without dreams,
walking through life
without meaning..

while on the other side
lot's of people
filled with happiness and joy
luck and love...
and the chance
to give some light
to all the ones
that live
in total darkness.

Millions of eyes looking at the same direction

Barack Obama Graffiti
Still thinking about the future
in a broken world
with some new hopes,
as well as new disappointments.
If yesterday you celebrated
it's already time
to make the right things.
I am still waiting to see what you've got.
until then
you are nothing more
than another politician.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Can time change what we see?

Snowhite Graffiti
It's interesting to see
how we change with time
and what used to be warm and beautiful
some times can turn into something
distant and cold,
maybe so distant
that can be frightening.

Who is in charge in here?

Puppets Graffiti
There is always a game going on
some things deciding the lines of others
pulling some strings
rehearsing the script
that someone else has written.
And in between
we live,
sometimes to answer the only question that really matters
who is directing
and who is only here
to perform someones else

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What we could do before the end.

Gas Mask Woman Graffiti
I know that the world is falling apart
I know that we did our best to screw it up
Now the chemical gasses will kill
what the sun couldn't burn,
and you and me still here waiting.
There is only one thing I wish I could do,
before it all ends,
to leave something good
before my last breath.

Has he really left the building?

Graffiti of Elvis
Sometimes they come back
amazing people I've met all over,
some of them only for a couple of minutes.
Some of them only said a couple of words
and that was enough
to stay with me
in memories that every once and then come back
to visit me.
Today I've been thinking about those people that left a mark
and then left, or maybe not.