Sunday, May 31, 2009

No one will come to save you if you remain silent

Street Art - BlogIt's being a long time
since the last time I prayed
and somehow this need comes
whenever something is not going right
Sometimes it takes to fall deep down
to understand that there is more than only "us"
that's when you understand that you are not alone
and help can miraculously come
from unexpected shadows

Pirates in the Bay of Tel Aviv

Street Art - Blog
Tell me a story about pirates
from lost worlds and treasures pursue
Tell me a story about a ship navigating in the ocean
with no direction
but with hope
to find the thing
that is worth dying for.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Faster than a bullet

Street Art Blog
No matter what,
Always try to keep something for you
regardless what you do
regardless the circumstances...
a small spark should always be kept.
Otherwise you will be dead.

If you see her please tell her that I am still here

I can still smell the flowers of your hair in my pillow
I can still hear the words that come from it,
words about smiling whenever I see you...
Because I still smile when I think about you

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Looking backwards to define where we are

Street Art - Blog

"What we did to get by"

I guess that's one recurrent question
that visits my head every once and then.
the list is long and grows everyday
full of mistakes and success
full of pain and good times.
and looking backwards
even counting all my falls
I smile.

Words and letters trying to say something

Street Art Blog - Graffiti
Street Art Blog - Graffiti
Street Art Blog - Graffiti
Street Art Blog - Graffiti
Street Art Blog - Graffiti
Street Art Blog - Graffiti

I guess that sometimes
People just need to say things
Speak their hearts out
even though only them can understand what they are saying.
Sometime I feel the same
and maybe that is the reason why I decided to write this lines.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some things should never change

Street Art Blog
I have heard about thorns and roses
how they protect their beauty from the outside
I have also heard that with time everything is replaceable
but I guess that still I am not ready to accept it

Making friends in this Street Art Blog

Today when I come back from my work, I checked my email and receive this letter and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Graffiti Time Bomb

One of the fascinating aspects of graffiti is the progression and history seen when observing New York City’s urban landscape, or miles upon miles of art-lined train tracks leading into Paris. The literal layers of graffiti that decorate walls, buildings, trains, vans, and overpasses are sometimes forgotten, however, Time Bomb creates an interactive means of incorporating all underlying layers into a single, interactive piece. The combination of original artwork and digital manipulation are a first for graffiti, and an innovative step towards preserving the art form.

Time Bomb

Here goes the link, Enjoy!!

Life as it should be

Street Art BlogI should stop playing
games are for "little kids"
There is no time to fool around
There is no time to waste
I guess that from now on everything has to be more serious.
after all that is what they call "to grow up"

"You can fool some people some times, but you cannot fool all the people all the time" - Bob Marley

PS: Be yourself no matter what
PS: Never stop playing

Monday, May 25, 2009

Why not write a Blog about Street Art?

Street Art Blog
Have you seen the sunshine lately?
Have you felt the soft texture of the sand while it's sleeps in between your toes?
Have you talk with strangers, sang a song and had Ice Cream today?
Come on!
Start living,
Smile to me
and if you can't
at least try, try hard...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colored memories in the Streets (in Control?)

Street Art - Blog
Street Art - Blog
Street Art - BlogStreet Art - BlogThis is for sure different from what it used to be
When I had control over you and I could play you at my desire.
Now you are everywhere
Taking over my city,
I don't really know if I should be scared
or just smile.

If you don't try no one will do it for you.

I know you said that you didn't want this to happen
I know I used to repeat to myself that it was worthless to try again
I know that when you left everything but this went through your mind
and still I remember myself saying "this is the right thing"

It's being 1 year, 6 months and almost a week, and you are still here
next to me.

Looking up you can forget about the ground

"Kneeling my head in front of my creator you gave me life now show me how to live"

How many times
almost in mute blessing
praying to the sky
we have looked for Salvation and Forgiveness

How many times we got mad
because no response from above came.

Maybe the silence is the answer
shouting to us to stop looking up
and start looking around.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The strength of Woman in Israel

Street Art - Tel AvivStreet Art - Tel Aviv
Street Art - Tel Aviv
Street Art - Tel Aviv

In this land
Man and woman fight as equals.
It's a very common scene to see girls wearing army uniforms in the streets.
Even in clubs and bars, sometimes with weapons, others without.
In this country woman are mothers, sisters and soldiers.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Shooting eye blinded

Street Art - Tel Aviv

Watch out,
your words might be your strongest weapon
Watch out what you say
and how you say it.
If you feel like closing your eyes while speaking
and that the eye contact could burn you in a million pieces
think again what you are about to say
From that black hole guarded with teeth
strong bullets can come out
and can kill everything you ever loved.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Street Art - Tel Aviv

When your eyes look
your soul looks in the same direction
as well as every time you turn your head
so as not to see what makes you feel sad.
Whenever you see somebody into his eyes
you can see his past and present.
Whenever you see your face in the mirror..
do you see your soul?
Is it what you see what you would like to see?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Strange creatures in the Streets of Tel Aviv

Street Art in Tel-Aviv
Street Art in Tel-Aviv
Street Art in Tel-Aviv
Street Art in Tel-Aviv

I've walked some nights and days
around the city with no direction
without time, nor place where to arrive.
I've seen some strange things that
recall me some memories from distant dreams.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Looking for Inspiration

Street Art - Tel Aviv
Street Art - Tel Aviv
Street Art - Tel Aviv
Late at night I went for a walk
Thinking about the things that make me good
trying to make go away those that make me feel sad.
Looking for inspiration, for something that could lift me up.
For that eternal luminosity of hope.
The feeling that in that exact moment everything is possible.
That is inspiration
Not to fear,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Two worlds out of the million in Tel Aviv

Hold me tight
because you and me are very different
I belong to the sky and you to the ground
and that's why I ask you to hold me tight
I want to stay
next to you.
Even though we are very different.

Eye for an eye and...

"Freedom is not worth if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes"
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What happens at night.

Street Art
I saw this
walking around one night
I felt like in a dream.
And still I don't want to wake up.

Dormant feelings when the eyes are closed

Street Art - Know Hope

It's true
if you don't want to see
you can go eye blinded,
day and night, even forever..
No one will really care that much..
but just remember
that if that's the case
and eventually one day
you do decide to open your eyes..
you will only find a patch of what used to be your heart.

True to yourself..

Street Art - Tel Aviv
How many times
I didn't dare, to believe, to try, to bleed.
How many times I said to myself
Come on, jump into the abyss
but always staying in the ground,
Shame on me for all that,
And my respect to you out there
that takes the risk to be true
to yourself.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stay with me Tonight

I know what you said.
I know what I said
and still I think that we can make it happen.
I know that "eternity" sounds too much,
so maybe let's try "forever"
who knows?
Maybe tomorrow with the day light this words will only be a fragile memory.
but until then, forever should be enough...

Fishing with your soul..

Street Art - Tel Aviv
I guess that you were right
there is no other way to make it happen
but giving yourself to it.
Things will never turn in the way that you want them to be
unless you are ready to fall into a million a pieces
unless you are ready to break yourself and disappear
unless you feel them, as you feel your heartbeats.

New Worlds in the Streets of Tel Aviv

Street Art in Tel-AvivStreet Art in Tel-AvivStreet Art in Tel-AvivI came here.
Looking for a new dream, and some new hope.
Waiting for reality to show me all it's beauty.
Expecting from Logic to clear me out some doubts.
Some of them are happening,
some others are more confused than ever.
But that's Ok.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I know that they can fly...

Street Art - OrigamiI saw them.
Floating in the air.
Like tied with tiny strings to the air.
Thousands of them, white and color Swans.
You said that is impossible because they are made of paper.
I say that you are wrong.

When two merge into One

This Graffiti that I found walking down Shenkin Street in Tel Aviv, has the Word "Talevi" that most probably means "Tal Levi" (Name of somebody I guess).

The guitar player has the shape of the letter "Lamed" or "L" in English.

The interesting thing of this picture is that right below "Tal Levi" somebody put a religious Sticker that says "God is the King".

I guess someone wanted to make a point trying to tell "Tal" that the only thing worth to worship is God.
Maybe for this Rock Star, that's not right...
For some people things are as clear as confusing to others..
Now it's just a matter of choosing in which side we want to be...
(if we can chose)

Follow the Advice

Street Art - Tel Aviv
What did you do with those precious years,
days, hours and minutes...
Without thinking at all
Barely breathing
Barely conscious
Partly sedated...
This is you and me and everybody.
This is the other face of loneliness
in silence with sound.