Sunday, June 28, 2009

The price of reality

Still remember
my innocence
when I was a little kid
More hopeful
a stronger belief on truth and honesty.
How wonderful was to think that your loved ones
had no flaws, no weaknesses.
Strong enough to change the world (still trying)
Straight enough to be loyal to my beliefs (also trying)
Is someone selling a ticket back in time..
Don't have too much,
but I would give it all.
(or maybe not)

To feel hope you must believe

Religious Kid Graffiti
When we were kids
Hope was a pure feeling
without tears,
without lies
without sadness.
Today I look at the world
and think about the meaning of that word
and try to understand
where we went all wrong

Friday, June 26, 2009

I also want to be a superhero

The last Super HERO
The villains will not wear
stretching pants, neither fancy colors
They won't hesitate before perpetrating evil
neither will announce in advance where will be their next attack
but if somehow,
they will
then our hopes are in his hands
(and hopefully superpowers)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silence in the post office

Robot Sticker
I wanted to send you a package
but didn't know what should I put on it
Got some stamps
glue, and marker
but still the box is in my desk.

When the time is right

Man Painting
As a consequences of time and circumstance
some times
is hard to stay in the ground.
It's just too hard.
Those are the good days
the ones that you can barely believe
that music and silence
are not the same thing

The only one among us the animals

Dance you monkey,
perform for me.
I am here to be entertained by you
even though
you are walking down my streets
in my neighborhood
where everything is familiar to me
except the weird look
that comes from your eyes
when you stare at me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The wake up call in the middle of the chaos

I am still finding him
with his broken smile
and probably broken wings,
I don't understand why he doesn't fly away before the end.
I guess that sometimes
things have to be sacrifice
to make us really understand.

Look up and down, and then decide.

Woman Graffiti("Blessed that made me a woman")

No matter what
we will always see at least to sides
of the same story
the biggest bless for some
can be the worst damn to others
and in that maybe
is hidden the truth of all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Memories from the past that visit the present

Tel Aviv Posters
Nights of childhood
with long nights of dreams and stories
an imaginary world
below my bed
with monsters and heroes
the only place where everything was real

When time has come

Looking to the sky
asking questions with no answers
question marks painted in white.
is she trying to forget something?
is she trying to forgive time?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Be carefull with what you eat

Hamburger Poster
It's not the first time
that I say to myself
that I should care more about my health.
Pay more attention to what I do, What I drink and What I eat.
Always bouncing inside my head the old saying
"you are what you eat"
But then I ask to myself
if I rather be a lettuce or a Cow.
a cucumber or a pork...
and more questions than answers arise.

Playing hide and Seek

Street Art Graffiti -Girl
Playing hide and Seek
remembering how it was
the wish to be invisible
to be the last one
that will redeem
the ones that didn't make it.

Now, I guess
long time after those days
I still play the same game
but now,
I trust myself less.
And look for redemption to come
from other saviors.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only hope will take you alive from this existence

Graffiti of a Religious Kid
Blessed the one
that is full of hope.
With strong belief
everything can be achieved.

I really admire the strength of the prays
When man of hope, with peace and joy
try to reach the sky.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life as a real thing

Street Art & Graffiti Blog
It was good to be a kid.
It was good to play all the time
as a professional,
as an expert in games.
Not many, but real ones.
Now, I play less than before...
is that good?
I don't think so.

When it's now?

Street Art and Graffiti Blog
Staring at the door
that separates the present
from the future
the thin wall that scares the most
the dim light that blinds the most accurate eye.

Time is here.
Waiting for you
to make your move.

Little things can mean a lot

What is greatness?
What makes you big and Inspiring?
Little things.
little things can fill the ocean
with millions of tears
of hope.

Different as we came

Street Art and Graffiti Blog
I know you are different than me, and that's ok
And you know that I am different than you, (now, I hope it is Ok)
and still we pretend to be someone else
you do it.
And I do it
Maybe with the hope that like that
we will be able to get along
so we turn to be strangers between us
and with ourselves
Where is the fun in this silly game?

Routine as we know it

There are good days
There are gray days
Some days are better to forget
Some others will find a place in your memories
There are rainy days
Days for love
and days of terrible fear and cold.
And of course
before I forget (if we can forget)
there are also
Working days.

Sometimes is hard to decide

Street Art Blog - Poster
How many time?
doubts, questions and silence.
How life could be
without so many crossroads
with less pieces to solve this huge puzzle.
I don't know,
just boring.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Holy S**t in promissed land

Well you know
after all we are all humans
with our needs
with our fears
and with our hopes.

After all we are all humans
and maybe that's the reason
why we find (sometimes)
the need to pray.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brute Force for a change

Street Art BlogSometimes
you need to break down
you need to stop the crazy race
to think,
to grow,
to smile.
Sometimes magic is not enough
neither commitment or diplomacy.
Only brute force
and a flashlight
to see trough the darkness.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The power of Words

Street Art - Poster
Once I heard
or maybe more than once
that words are the strongest weapon.
That's maybe the reason why some people
dedicate their lives to talk, read and write.
And maybe that's the reason why
so many people look for solutions
hidden between the lines of thousand of millions of
written pages..

The dream to be a Rock Star

Street Art - Poster
Some years ago
All I could think was
music and how to become a rock star

"Live the dream" I used to repeat to myself
Don't surrender to routine and comfort...
Don't give up on your dreams...

looking back
I must confess
that some shame stands in front of my eyes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beautiful sunday!

Street Art - Blog
Let's go for a ride
the sun is burning your toes like never before
the polluted air tries to make it up to your lungs...
but still is a beautiful day
and still you are breathing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Do you like what you see?

Street Art - Know hope
When was the last time that you really took the time
to see your heart.
When was the last time that you tried to keep silence
so as to hear your heart beats
and understand if you love her
or you just miss her company.

Don't wait for too long to do that
because in some long years it might be too late
and now
maybe now is also too late
but at least
there is time for hope.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Second after the silence

Street Art - Blog - Dead man
One man
Has been shot in his back
Now he is lying in the floor
while the silence of the universe
digests one new loss.
Somewhere else somebody is laughing loud
and next to him a child is born...
but still
his flesh is caressing the cold tarmac
and the birds
without asking
neither caring
start celebrating

The shattered mirror

Street Art - Blog - Armed Monkey
What's wrong with us?
What have we become?
Can somebody explain it to me?
so many questions
and only one image to answer all

How Big is your Love

Street Art Blog
What can I say?
Not more than what they know..
they can do everything and more with us
they can play with our hearts and souls
elevate us up to the sky
as well as make us feel little
and hopeless

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's not easy to be a clown

Street Art - Blog
The clown is out there performing
telling jokes and falling to the ground
just to make you laugh
for some minutes you will get covered by the spell of his act...
and then
behind the curtains
the glamor changes its color
Still carrying the soul of a clown
but with less hope.

Thinking about the world and being a kid

Street Art - Blog
The other day
things weren't going fine
I was siting there thinking
and thinking
Worries were taking control over me
Until he came and said
"don't think too much, it won't take you anywhere"
Sometimes the best advices
come from the most unexpected people