Thursday, May 7, 2009

Street Art in Tel Aviv - Welcome to the Blog

Beautiful Street Art in Tel Aviv

It hasn't be so long since I came here to Tel Aviv, Israel and saw for the first time how many amazing and beautiful pieces of Street art all over the city. My first impression back then was Wow!... and until today every morning when I am on my way to my Job I get to see the same Posters, Installations and Graffiti s... and every day they amaze me in the same way that they did the first time.

So here it is, this Tel Aviv Street Art Blog to share with you some of the beauty of the city where I live....Enjoy, and if you can share with me this experience. I know nothing about Street Artists, Street Art techniques... just a humble admiror so if you think that in any sense you can help me to learn more do not hesitate!!


  1. Cool blog, you have some really nice photos. I love street art too! Where are you from originally? Good luck with the blog

  2. Was born in Argentina moved to Israel almost 2 years ago.

    Thanks for visiting.
    PS I like very much your So Arty Blog!!