Sunday, May 10, 2009

Have you seen these two Angels?

Somehow Angels have always catch my attention, It's hard to explain but they have always been around my family and history... (not to mention that my family name from mothers side is Angel)

I guess that every morning when I see these couple looking at me going and returning in the streets of Tel Aviv, I feel in a way that this corners and building can also be home for me.

It's good to feel at home.
It's good to see their wings that remind me that they are still there, because they choose to.
What about you?


  1. Wow! Não sabia que voce gostava de arte :)
    Parabéns! Excelente Bolg!
    Já que voce gosta de street art e grafite te recomendo pesquisar sobre o BANKSY, ele é MUITO bom, vem produzindo street art e grafites de muita qualidade e inteligência em Londres e outros lugares do mundo (incluse Israel - nos territórios palestinos), e faz isso anonimamente, ninguem conhece seu rosto...dá uma pesquisada, acho que você vai gostar! Os textos dele também são muito bons!


  2. wonderful poem i truly love yours writting may be comming yours fan truely saying
    i would love ot see more like this wrtitinsg
    all the best to you and may you write the best
    daniel david