Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who should take the lead?

Street Art Blog - Walking dog Graffiti-Stencil
Still the same questions in my head
thinking about where all this madness
is taking us.

Thinking about our roles and responsibilities.
We were put in this world
to make the best out of it
to care about it.

I think is fair for someone else
to lead the way
because sadly,
we have lost our north.


  1. totally love your work :))


  2. Still up! I saw it today going to King George on 61. Looks beautiful. Thanks.

  3. Still up, and in very good condition, it appears! Saw it today going to King George on 61. Out of curiousity, how long do stencils stay up in Tel Aviv? I'm not really from here, and they tend to get "cleaned" pretty frequently in the Bay Area...