Saturday, October 17, 2009

Will offer you all and something more

Street Art - Paint of a Woman
I barely remember
when was the last time
that hope won over logic.
Those days when I used to believe
that E V E R Y T H I N G
was possible.

Back then when we were younger
less serious
less responsible
and less successful...
but with more passion
and careless
about what we were supposed to be.

1 comment:

  1. In my thoughts I very often come back to this topic...

    It's about the goals we set in life. We all have our dreams and aspirations, but also we try to live up to expectations of others. So it is a big conflict - living up to someone's expectations very often interferes with things we really want to do or achieve, things we quite often dream about.

    What if we leave everything behind and follow a DREAM? Is it too childish or too egoistic maybe? Is the final goal worth making a sacrifice this big? Does leaving all behind mean one is strong? Or is it on the contrary a weakness - the ability to make sacrifices for others being a strength?

    As we get older we limit ourselves to certain things within our comfort zone, we conform with our reality and we stop striving for more, or even thinking what we'd really like to be in this life. We are too 'experienced' for believing there are no limits, that we can climb Mount Everest, that WE CAN CONQUER THE WORLD...

    This is sad, isn't it? Are we too afraid of making mistakes? But without them what would shape our lives? When we are children all our life's about the pursuit of fun... But then we grow up and learn to be cautious... So when has it stopped being fun and started being scary..?